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More Than 500 UFC Fighters Will Visit Las Vegas in May For “Athlete Retreat”

All UFC fighters, more than 500, have been invited to a UFC Athlete Retreat.  The two-day event is is the first since the UFC was sold by Zuffa to WME-IMG last July for $4 billion.

From the article by Kevin Iole at Yahoo:

Emm]anuel and Whitesell are big on integrating their clients from their various sports to create opportunities for everyone, and the retreat will mark the start of that for the UFC fighters.

Athletes, musicians, actors/actresses and celebrities from many different genres who are represented by WME/IMG will appear at the retreat and will either offer presentations or be available to the fighters to ask questions.

The retreat will also feature UFC VP of Athlete Performance Forrest Griffin unveiling the new UFC Performance Institute.  Topics Griffin will cover include recovery, training, and how to safely make weight.

This is the last year the the UFC fighter summit will be held with the athlete retreat taking its place from now on.

Ringside Analysis:

The fighters will be getting a lot of new information from WME-IMG.  The talent agency has a much more sophisticated perspective on athlete and celebrity marketing than Zuffa or any other company might.  It is events like this retreat that WME-IMG will really show the value it brings.  Fighters need to be more responsible for their own financial successes than many other sports because they are in a niche sport.  Fighters also have a unique challenge because they only perform a few times a year whereas tennis player will play multiple times in a single weekend.

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