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UFC On Pace To Break Annual PPV Revenue Record

The UFC, recently sold to WME-IMG, is on pace to have the biggest revenue total from PPV programming in company history.  Some of the best fighters, and biggest draws, have fought multiple times this year.

From the article on MMA Fighting:

UFC has sold an estimated 6.35 million buys on nine shows so far this year. With four shows remaining, as long as the company gets one fight between now and the end of the year withConor McGregor, Ronda Rousey or Georges St-Pierre, it’s a lock that this year’s total will easily top the estimated 7.2 million buys in 2016. Last year, due to highest price per order, would have grossed more revenue than 2010, which did closer to 8 million buys at a lower price point.

There is still an entire financial quarter to go and the show at Madison Square Garden is scheduled for November.

Ringside Analysis:

Time will tell if this fiscal year was the result of a surge in talent and the rate of fights of the biggest drawing talent.  There is the possibility that next year we see a dip as the PPV buys regresses to a mean.

With WME-IMG I see the potential for marketing a lot of the mid and lower-level fighters that can balance out some of the PPV cards and push for more popular main events.  The next step for the UFC is not necessarily reaching two million buys, but having the floor of the PPV program at 500,000.  It is a bigger sign that there is a bigger, more avid fan base.

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