Ring Of Sports Marketing

About ROSM


Ring Of Sports Marketing is profiling the changing landscape of the fight game business and innovations in the sports world.  There is no business quite like the fight game.  There is no set schedule and there are constant variables that can drastically change the course of the business.  Combat sports are the oldest, most basic, and easiest to understand form of competition in the world.  They are a class of sports that is without metaphor.

The UFC is a very young company relative to the mainstream sports in America.  On one end of the spectrum, boxing has been in existence for hundreds of years but doesn’t have any brand value.  The Premier Boxing Champions are hoping to change that.  MMA is a sport that was illegal in almost every state not even 15 years ago.  Watching the UFC traverse today’s sports business landscape could be the equivalent of watching the NBA come of age in the 1980s and 1990s.  Ring Of Sports Marketing is here to follow the movers and shakers in the fight game as the business matures in today’s world.