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Canelo Alvarez Will Fight Julio Cesar Chavez Jr On May 6th

Canelo Alvarez’s next fight will be against Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. on Cinco de Mayo weekend in Las Vegas on HBO PPV.  Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. was very critical of Canelo Alvarez for taking the fight against Amir Khan, calling it “an embarrassment to the middleweight division.”  A small feud developed and now they will settle it in the ring.  Canelo’s camp views this as a legacy fight instead of one for a title because of the names involved.

Canelo Alvarez is coming off a knockout win over Amir Khan and before that a big win over Miguel Cotto in the most recent big boxing PPV.  Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. is the son of 6-time world champion Julio Cesar Chavez.  Chavez Jr fights draw a lot of attention because of his fighting abilities, his sometimes abrasive personality, and his name.  Having two Mexican men fight each other on Cinco de Mayo weekend will most likely lead to strong PPV sales.

Golden Boy CEO Oscar De La Hoya has said that Canelo Alvarez will fight Gennady Golovkin in 2017, which means that the Canelo-GGG matchup will take place late fall or early winter this year.

Ringstar Analysis:

The most notable point of this announcement is that Canelo is going up in weight to fight Julio Cesar Chavez Jr.  Canelo has cited the difference in weight between himself and Gennady Golovkin as the reason why the two have not agreed to fight each other.  A fight between Canelo and GGG is the most lucrative deal that can be made in the sport right now.

This fight could be a good barometer for Canelo’s camp on if moving up in weight to fight GGG is feasible.  Julio Cesar Chavez is able to gain a lot of weight after weighing in but also has notoriety for not making weight at all.  Chavez Jr. receives a lot of criticism for his perceived lackadaisical attitude towards the sport and training that has even frustrated people within his own camp.

If Canelo comes away with a good win over Julio Cesar Chavez and then fails to fight GGG then the groans from the boxing community will grow louder.  Canelo has had time to add weight to move up to the next weight class and we will see if Canelo will still be effective at middleweight.

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