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Canelo-Khan Fight Announced, Coordinated by Al Haymon

In a surprising announcement, Golden Boy Promotions has announced a fight between Canelo Alvarez and Amir Khan.  The fight will take place May 7th on HBO PPV.  A location has yet to be named.

Canelo Alvarez has fought under Golden Boy Promotions for his whole career and Amir Khan was last seen fighting under the PBC banner.  Amir Khan is managed by PBC owner Al Haymon.  Golden Boy Promotions is currently in a lawsuit against Al Haymon and the PBC for violating the Muhammad Ali Act.

Because Al Haymon never says anything publicly, PBC spokesman Tim Smith said:

This highlights what Al Haymon’s management model is all about- allowing fighters to have the freedom to make the best possible fights for their career and their financial gain,” Smith said. “This was one of the best opportunities available for Amir and Al helped him to land the fight. That’s why the management structure was constructed so that fighters wouldn’t be deprived of these opportunities. Al has been criticized for keeping guys out of long term promotional agreements but look at what happened in this particular case. It allowed Amir to have the freedom to make the best possible fight for himself.

Khan  has been lobbying and waiting for years to get a shot at a superfight.  He cancelled one fight in the hopes of getting a fight with Mayweather or Pacquiao.  Now he’s got a showdown with one of the new PPV stars.  Khan is still in his athletic prime at 29.

Ringside Analysis:

Golden Boy has a $300 million lawsuit against the PBC on the grounds that Al Haymon is acting as manager and promoter, violating the Muhammad Ali Act.  Al Haymon working purely as a manager in this situation could have huge implications in the lawsuit between Golden Boy and the PBC.  It might show that Al Haymon, as Tim Smith said, is purely acting in the best interest of his fighters.

I’m glad that Amir Khan finally got the big-time PPV fight he’s been trying to get for years.

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