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Investor Documents Outline Future Strategy for WME-IMG Led UFC

MMA Junkie has obtained a 58-page document provided by the UFC to new investors including the largest investor WME-IMG.   The document explains the revenue sources, past actions, and future strategies for the organization in order to convince potential investors that investing the UFC is a smart business decision.

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Goldman Sachs Allegedly Warned By Feds About UFC Buyout Debt

When the UFC was for sale and eventually purchased by WME-IMG, Goldman Sachs marketed the debt.  The Federal Reserve cautioned Goldman Sachs about the risks of taking on so much debt.  The Federal Reserve has been monitoring Wall Street to ensure that banks are following the lending guidelines created in 2013.

Between July 1, 2015 and June 30, 2016, the UFC recorded $142 million earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation, and amortization (Ebitda).  Goldman Sachs marketed the Ebitda value after the purhase to be $298 million with adjustments for cost savings and expectations in more revenue from licensing.

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UFC On Pace To Break Annual PPV Revenue Record

The UFC, recently sold to WME-IMG, is on pace to have the biggest revenue total from PPV programming in company history.  Some of the best fighters, and biggest draws, have fought multiple times this year.

From the article on MMA Fighting:

UFC has sold an estimated 6.35 million buys on nine shows so far this year. With four shows remaining, as long as the company gets one fight between now and the end of the year withConor McGregor, Ronda Rousey or Georges St-Pierre, it’s a lock that this year’s total will easily top the estimated 7.2 million buys in 2016. Last year, due to highest price per order, would have grossed more revenue than 2010, which did closer to 8 million buys at a lower price point.

There is still an entire financial quarter to go and the show at Madison Square Garden is scheduled for November.

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Nevada Approves $750M In Public Money For Las Vegas Raiders

The Nevada Oversight Committee unanimously approved a $750 million public funding plan for an NFL stadium if the Oakland Raiders were to move to Las Vegas.  Las Vegas is the largest city without a professional football team.  The public funding plan still needs approval from the Governor and go through the legislation process.  A majority of the citizens disapprove of the funding plan.

The Raiders have had two decades of history when it comes to battling cities for stadium deals.  After moving from Los Angeles the Raiders moved to Oakland and have relied heavily on public funding.  When the Rams were given the rights to move to Los Angeles the Raiders were one of the teams left out along with the Chargers.  Considering the ownership group that the Raiders have it is not a surprise that they are making an aggressive move.

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Top Rank Self-Distributing Pacquiao-Vargas on PPV

HBO, the historical provider of Manny Pacquiao’s PPV events, has declined to distribute Pacquiao-Vargas.

According to Dan Rafeal at ESPN, HBO didn’t want to be involved, “…because it did not want to have two pay-per-view events in the same billing cycle and it is already committed to the Nov. 19 HBO PPV fight between unified light heavyweight titleholder Sergey Kovalev and Andre Ward.”

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Transparency Leads To Higher Fighter Pay

John S. Nash at Bloody Elbow did a great write-up titled “Why do boxers make more than MMA fighters?”  The very thorough article interviews multiple managers, fighters, and business figures in the combat sport landscape.

Fights like Mayweather-Pacquiao, where both fighters made a few hundred million dollars, can skew the data.  MMA fighters have a much higher floor pricing, with many UFC prelim fighters making $10,000 compared to boxers who sometimes only make $1,500.  The median payout for boxing and MMA fighters still favored boxers:

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