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UFC Signs New TV Deal in Russia

The UFC has partnered with Match TV in Russia to air UFC programs in the country.  At multiple points the deal looked like it would end without an agreement between the UFC and Match TV.  The previous UFC owners had an agreement nearly finalized for $500,000 to be paid annually for the program licensing.  However, once WME-IMG became the owners the annual fee increased substantially.  When WME-IMG looked to Russia to increase profits they sold the TV rights to Telesport.  Telesport became the mediator between Match TV and the UFC that led to the agreement.

CEO of Match TV Tina Kandelaki said:

“The negotiation process was difficult, and we are grateful to our partners for their mutual interest in staging UFC broadcasts in 2017. We are seeing increased attention for this tournament, not only in the media, but also among viewers… We are confident that all broadcasts will bring great pleasure and enhance sports viewership. We believe that the start of the season with the fight of Khabib Nurmagomedov will lead to even greater increase in the audience to the sport.”

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International Business / UFC

Brazil Passes Canada For Top International Market

Brazil has now become the most valued international market for the UFC.  The company made $40 million in rights from an estimated 37 million fans.  There are two media companies, Combate and Globo, will also pay the UFC $32.1 million through 2018.  Globo is the largest broadcast network in Brazil and Combate is a premium channel.

Nielsen Sports and Scarborough estimated that there were 260 million UFC fans in the world but that only 15% of them were in the United States.  However, the 15% of American UFC fans generated 87% of the revenue for 2015.

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