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Conor McGregor Tweet Sets Social Media Records

On Tuesday Conor McGregor, UFC featherweight champion, retired.  He made the announcement on social media with the tweet:

I have decided to retire young.

Thanks for the cheese.

Catch ya’s later.

Darren Rovell is referencing this poem, “Dear Basketball.”  “Dear Basketball was written by Kobe Bryant and appeared on the website The Players Tribune to announce his retirement.

McGregor’s tweet is currently the most retweeted tweet by an athlete in 2016.

Ringside Analysis:

I want to point out how paramount this is:

The retirement announcement of an UFC world champion who was last seen being submitted by an opponent on 11-days notice has just been retweeted more times than the poem left by one of the greatest professional basketball players of all time.

This could be one of those moments that people look back on and see it as a turning point for the sport in terms of breaking into the casual sports fan sphere.

However, it has yet to be determined if this is simply a case of Conor McGregor being an icon in the casual sports fan’s world or whether the UFC is actually on the fringes.

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