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Daytime TV As An Educator?

Holly Holm appeared on Kelly & Michael after her win over Ronda Rousey.  After her interview she showed Kelly how to perform a high kick on Michael Strahan, former NFL defensive lineman.

One of the biggest shortfalls the UFC and comb sports have is getting people to see the sport.  Many people only see the violence and are instantly turned off.  An understanding of the sport, based on my primary research, has been shown to reduce the significance of violence in the product.

Daytime TV shows often have a segment where chefs will show how to make a dish or stylists will show the fashion trends for the next season.  On this episode Holly Holm illustrated one of the key parts of fighting: using angles.  It may seem very subtle but one of the big takeaways, that people I have surveyed say, is that using an attack, moving to the side, and then following it up with another move is a tactic in the sport.  To boil it down even further: after a punch you want to move to the side to set up a kick.  It may seem tiny to regular fans of the sport but to introduce that nugget of information to the masses is a step in the right direction.

(via Holly Holm’s Knockout Kick – YouTube)

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