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FocusMotion Mapping Could Improve Athlete Safety During Training

FocusMotion is a technology that has joined with the Dodgers’ Accelerator Group partnering with R/GA.  The device is a piece of wearable technology that has the goal of mapping all human movement during a workout.

Sports Science has become an increasing part of the sports landscape, most notably pioneered by Chip Kelly at Oregon and now with the Philadelphia Eagles.  Tracking athlete movements so that training can be tailored to their individual needs has been shown to take athlete’s to the next level.

What this means for Combat Sports:

Combat sport training seems to still be twenty or more years behind modern training for other sports.  By continually doing too many rounds sparring and other forms of training to excess fighters become susceptible to injury, which puts not only the individual fighter at risk of not performing or having a shortened career, and thus losing money, but also the promotion company of not being able to put on a top event.

Jose Aldo suffered a training injury that might have been the result of overtraining.  The UFC had to revamp and reschedule the upcoming event as well plan the fight card months down the line.  Conor McGregor, Aldo’s  opponent, has been an advocate of new training methods based on movement and not doing as many rounds and other training activities that could result in too much wear and tear.

The UFC has shown that they are committed to better sports science practices for their athletes and they should look into possibly partnering with FocusMotion.  Every athlete in the UFC could opt-in to the program to get the most out of their training while reducing the risk of injury.

(via FocusMotion)

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