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GGG-Jacobs Sells PPV Program Streaming Online

The fight between Gennady Golovkin (GGG) and Daniel Jacobs was available to be purchased on TheRingTV.com.  Historically, Pay-Per-View (PPV) fights are only available through a premium cable provider, such as HBO or Showtime.  The price to watch was $64.99.

Ringside Analysis:

One of the hottest fighters in the boxing world is GGG of Kazakhstan and surely draws a large international market.  The bigger takeaway from this is that boxing promoters are having to find more ways to distribute content.  More and more people, especially in the younger demographics, are cutting the cord and don’t subscribe to the PPV providers.  This alternative still allows for those people to watch the single fight without paying a monthly cable fee as part of a contract and then the PPV product.

All of the major sports leagues are having to learn how to manage streaming content.  It may be an incovenience at this time but with so many distribution channels streaming is only going to be getting more common.  HBO and Showtime will have to figure out how they can include streaming into their distribution or if they change the value on their distribution knowing that they are going to miss out on revenue through streaming.

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