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Inspector General Finds “Nepotism” In New York Athletic Commission

The New York Office of the Inspector General has concluded an investigation into the New York Athletic Commission (NYAC).  The investigation has found the commission to be an “organizational mess” that is lacking procedures and contains many conflicts of interests.

For example, the NYAC chairman, Thomas Hoover, credentialed friends and family for high profile boxing events.  Hoover also recommended a friend for a role in the commission that he was not qualified for.  The commission reportedly lacked emergency medical practices  and a “systemic breakdown of basic operations.”  Once the investigation was completed Thomas Hoover resigned from his role as chairman.


Department spokesman, Laz Benitez said, “Fighter safety and the integrity of combat sports in New York State remain our top priorities.

You can read the full report here.

Ringside Analysis:

New York recently legalized professional MMA in the state.  The UFC already has an event planned for November.  The Nevada Athletic Commission was criticized for ineffective drug testing that led the UFC to partner with USADA.  With the lack of procedures designed to keep fighters safe in New York the UFC should have serious concerns as they prepare for their event at Madison Square Garden, which would be one of the biggest events in company history.

The NYAC has already been presiding and looking over the top boxing events in the state.  The Premier Boxing Champions (PBC) has placed a lot of events in Brooklyn’s Barclays Arena.  Barclays Arena is quickly becoming the biggest spot in the eastern United State to host any type of boxing event.  The UFC has a special interest in holding their first event at Madison Square Garden because of the brand value and history of the arena.

The UFC will most likely have to provide a lot of their testing and safety teams given the lack of dependability in the NYAC.  There still is time for the NYAC to turn their organization around but with the new turnover only time will tell if they will be functioning at a high level before the UFC debuts in the state.

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