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John Oliver Takes Down Daily Fantasy Sports As Gambling

John Oliver brings together a lot of evidence to show how Daily Fantasy is exactly like gambling.  He addresses a provision ruling where a judge said that Daily Fantasy didn’t fit the exact definition of what is illegal according to one specific law partially because it can be defined as a game of skill.  That doesn’t mean that it’s illegal in general, or maybe not even to that one specific law if there was a closer investigation.

His greatest point was comparing daily fantasy, a supposed game of skill, to poker, which is also considered a game of skill but is still classified as gambling.  The evidence shows that Daily Fantasy is more skill-based than Draft Kings or Fan Duel wants you to believe because only people who have the same skills such as experts in probability and algorithms, like those necessary in poker, are successful.

What this means for combat sports:

John Oliver might have gotten ahead of the courts on this one.  He compiles an excellent list of evidence and accurate comparisons that clouds the decision that supposedly makes Daily Fantasy “legal” while showing that Daily Fantasy is described almost exactly like gambling is.

If Daily Fantasy is ruled as gambling according to the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act of 2006 then it could hurt a possible opening for combat sports to incorporate fantasy into their schedule.

The combat sports organizations might have to retool or help support other means of Daily Fantasy that are legal.

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