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LeagueApps Makes Quick Turnaround Programs a Possibility

The company LeagueApps is a startup that joined the Dodgers Accelerator program with R/GA.  LeagueApps gives resources to for sports entities and events to streamline sport program management.

Many apps that handle program management for sports programs, such as the San Francisco 49ers’ app, are the result of millions of dollars spent on the development of the app and groups of people that maintain and operate the app.  LeagueApps could be a valuable resource to events that don’t have the money or manpower to make an app similar to that of the 49ers.

What this could mean for combat sports:

One of the biggest faults by far in combat sports, based on my primary research, is the lack of education on fighters and events.  Sports programs, and not just ones in the arena, could go a long way in correcting the issue.

Organizations like the UFC, PBC, Bellator, Golden Boy, and Top Rank could use a simplified app to create programs for their multiple events.  The UFC and PBC specifically put on a ton of shows during the week and month.  With the streamlined approach that LeagueApps provides it would be easy for a content manager, public relations team, or any other marketing personnel to put together a program for each event.

I can imagine many more features within the app and program that could expand its effectiveness for the specific needs of combat sport organizations.

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