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Mayweather-McGregor Earns 4.3 Million PPV Buys in US

Showtime has announced that Mayweather-McGregor earned 4.3 million PPV buys in the US.  The network also stated that the fight generated $600 million in total revenue.

The 4.3 million figure is well below what Dana White has stated in the past, which means that the 6.5 million buys White references must be including international buys.

Mayweather-McGregor is second to Mayweather-Pacquiao with PPV buys, MayPac generated 4.6 million buys, and gate revenue, MayPac generated $72,198,500.  Mayweather’s fight with McGregor on August 26th generated $55,414,865.79 in sales.

Showtime exec Stephen Espinoza told ESPN:

“The pairing of Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor brought together two very significant and distinct global fan bases in one truly unprecedented event… The remarkable results are all the more impressive considering that the planning, marketing and execution took place across a span of just 72 days from the initial announcement to fight night. Together Showtime and Mayweather have now accounted for the three highest grossing pay-per-view events of all time.”

Ringside Analysis:

The primary goal of this fight was to make everyone involved a lot of money.  Mission accomplished.

The marketing for the event included a world press tour that got ugly at times, an All Access series that has always preceded Mayweather fights aired on Showtime, and plenty of commercials on sports networks.  What is unique about this boxing event is that the UFC also helped sell the event.

It is possible McGregor benefitted more from this fight than Floyd Mayweather did.  Mayweather certainly got a six-figure payday but he is not anymore famous, anymore respected or hated, or anymore of a PPV draw.  McGregor is now able to call a lot more shots with the UFC because he knows his star power.  Also, McGregor now has a lot of boxers reaching out to him for a boxing match including Manny Pacquiao, Paulie Malignaggi, and Osca de la Hoya.

In terms of growing notoriety, gaining power, and getting money, McGregor might have gotten the better end of the deal, even if it took a knockout to get there.


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