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MMA Is Its Own Best Advocate

The Fertitta brothers and Dana White have had a very unique and refreshing vision for combat sports.  The vision is very different from what  the general population would expect from the fight game but that is largely due to the extremely ineffective marketing that the UFC had before purchased by Zuffa LLC.

Instead of relying on outside agencies to create content the UFC has created an internal content creation team of about 85 employees according to the Las Vegas Review-Journal.

Why this makes sense for the UFC:

The UFC has a full calendar of events that are constantly subject to change the world over.  With the amount of content necessary to properly promote a fight, agencies could easily be overwhelmed .  Not to mention it would be incredibly expensive given the rates some agencies can charge, which would add up over time.

Also, the Fertitta brothers and White have often said that people on the outside don’t necessarily get what the UFC is trying to do.  By having an in-house team it is much easier to have some creative control and direction of the content.

Lastly, in the sports world you have to own your own content.  You have to be your own advocate because the news does not have the same incentives you do.  You have to be able to profit directly off your own content.  You have to create content because today that is the best marketing, especially with the stories the UFC wants to tell.

For example, when the UFC acquired StrikeForce one of the big components to the purchase was the library that StrikeForce had.

(via Beyond cage fights, UFC is also media organization | Las Vegas Review-Journal)

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