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MMA’s Most Dominant Fighter to Disappear After This Weekend

Ronda Rousey will be fighting Holly Holm this weekend in Australia.  Rousey is the sport’s most dominant fighter crushing everybody she has faced.  Only Miesha Tate has been in the realm of competitive.

Years after Dana White said that the UFC will never have a woman fighter, Rousey is the face of MMA and the UFC.  She’s constantly in public promoting herself and the sport.  Based on her statements she’s going to be leaving the sport temporarily.  However, while I view it as a sign that she might be burned out on being in the public and being a bonafide celebrity transcending the sport, others think this is her way of dodging Cris Cyborg Justino, who might be physically superior and the only real threat to Rousey’s throne.

Rousey is the A-side of the fight so gets to dictate some terms, which means Cyborg would need to drop weight since she is in a higher weight class.

In the past Rousey has also said that her career has an expiration date that is approaching.  Through sponsorships, movies, and other partnerships she probably doesn’t need to enter the ring and get punched in the face to make absurd amounts of money anymore.

In music artists need to be making and releasing music constantly to stay relevant.  Maybe Rousey is planning on her leave of abscence from the public eye to create more desire to watch her fight and increase the value of her appearances.  If we miss her we might pay more in a few months when she fights again.

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