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ProDay App Could Give a Lot of Insight Into MMA Athlete Training

ProDay is an app that figuratively allows people to train alongside pro athletes.  By sharing workouts that pros are doing an average joe can push himself and feel like he or she is training to be a top athlete.  The app has joined the Dodger Accelerator with R/GA.

What this means for Combat Sports:

One of the big selling points for mainstream sports, as opposed to niche sports, is the athletic abilities of the athletes.  Combat sports are famous for their training regiments.  That’s why people continuously watch Rocky training montages.

In the time leading up to a big time PBC, UFC, or combat sport PPV, the athletes could share examples of their training routines.  They would clearly be extremely challenging to people and would emphasize the athleticism fighters have to have in order to be successful.

For people who just want to get a different workout they could be exposed to a combat sport athlete.  Being a fan of a single athlete is a strong entry point into being a fan of the sport.

Even those who are already fans of a sport or athlete their fandom avidity can be strengthened by getting closer to the schedule of the big fight.  There could be segments for an entire training camp so as the fight approaches the training intensity can be turned up.

(via Dodgers Accelerator Startup Profile Series: Proday Fitness App Provides Workouts Alongside Pro Athletes)

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