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Ronda Rousey to Host Jan. 23rd Edition of Saturday Night Live

Rousey’s first public appearance after losing her championship to Holly Holm will be on one of the most famous shows in American television history.  The show airs on January 23rd on NBC.

Rousey is the third fighter to appear on Saturday Night Live and the first MMA fighter.  The other two fighters to make appearances are Marvin Hagler and George Foreman.

Ring Analysis:

Even with a loss Rousey continues her stretch of dominance in the mainstream media.  Her brand value appears to have transcended her record or win-loss record in the octagon, which is a great thing for her and the sport.

Holly Holm has made appearances on morning talk shows such as Live With Kelly and Michael.  It’s promising that multiple women can be making the jump into the mainstream eye and hold positions simultaneously, especially when one woman isn’t the champion of her own division.

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