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Rory MacDonald Supports Conor McGregor in Holdout

Last week Conor McGregor temporarily retired in order for the UFC to be give him time away from the promotional circuit.  Many of the top fighters in the UFC mocked McGregor and tossed their hat into the ring to take on Diaz in the main event for UFC 200.  Rory MacDonald was the most notable fighter to support McGregor’s decision to retire and then come out of retirement.  MacDonald also defected from the UFC.  His contract with the UFC expires after his next fight and then MacDonald will join Bellator.

Ringside analysis:

The behavior by the other fighters shows that a union is very unlikely for fighters.  Any discussion for a fighter’s union can be put on hold even though it would be more beneficial in the long run for fighters.

Rory MacDonald is acutely aware of the larger picture when look at fighter-promoter dynamic.

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