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FOX Offers $200M To UFC For Media Rights

Negotiations for the UFC media rights are underway and the first offer from FOX is well below what WME-IMG valued them at.  WME-IMG CEO Ari Emanuel was one of the key negotiators between FOX and UFC for the first media rights deal so he had a good idea going into this next negotiation window what the right value for the rights in 2018 should be.  However, the live sports media rights market has been cooling over the last few years as subscriptions to ESPN have decreased and people are regularly cutting the cord on their TV and going with streaming-only options.

The current agreement runs through 2018 and more offers will come in but the UFC will also be competing against other live sports options, like the WWE, which has good ratings and some overlap in demographics.  Companies like Amazon have also become a bigger player in live sports.  Amazon has media rights to the NFL and Jeff Bezos direction with the company is pointing towards creating new, exclusive streaming content that people will pay for, therefore becoming Amazon Prime members.

At the start of 2017 the media fees paid to the UFC will be $160 million, after being $115 million a year when the deal first began in 2011.

The media rights could also be for a digital only platform that Dana White has brought up recently.

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UFC Expects Multiple Bidders For Media Rights In 2018

The UFC’s 2001 agreement with FOX was a sign that the UFC was approaching the mainstream media audience. The new owners of the UFC, WME-IMG, appear to be very optimistic about the upcoming negotiations for their media rights. Their current contract with FOX expires in 2018 and the owners are expecting to have multiple bidders because of a scarcity of sports content at that time.

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WME-IMG & UFC Betting Against Sports TV Rights Trend

When the WME-IMG paid $4 billion for the UFC they are making multiple bets on the future.  First, they are betting that they can market athletes so the revenue stream on a per athlete basis boosts the income of WME agents.  Second, that IMG can coordinate huge sponsorship agreements between corporations and the UFC.  Third, that the volatility in the industry between an inconsistent schedule and looming legal battles will work in the UFC’s favor.  Lastly, and probably most importantly, that when the UFC and FOX reach an agreement on a new television rights deal in 2019 will earn the UFC $400 million annually.

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Holly Holm Leads UFC On Fox To Best Ever Summer Rating

Holly Holm is a former UFC bantamweight champion but most sports fans know her as the woman who beat Ronda Rousey.  Holm lost her first title defense to Miesha Tate and her loss to Valentina Shevchenko has her looking at a losing streak.  However, Holm drove the UFC on FOX to the highest ratings in company history.

According to MMA Fighting, the last three rounds of Holm’s fight against Shevchenko drew 4.687 million viewers.  That number is good for the fifth-best UFC on FOX event but is the highest rated UFC on FOX rating during the summer months.

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