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Tecate Debuts New “Born Bold” Campaign Featuring Canelo Alvarez

Tecate has released a new :30-second spot featuring Canelo Alvarez.  This specific commercial is called, “Always Bold, Extra Flashy.”

The commercial features Canelo Alvarez entering a boxing ring on a golden throne with a crown and gold gloves.  He is surrounded by women and a man with dreads, wearing a hat, and yelling into a megaphone, which is very reminiscent of Floyd Mayweather’s entrance against Carlos Baldomir and Canelo Alvarez.  After coming across the Tecate bird we can assume Canelo Alvarez remembers his “bold” personality and enters the ring with his more traditional ring entrance apparel.

Ringside Analysis:

Tecate penetrated the market and rose it’s brand to prominence through sponsorships and advertisements for boxing content.  The company bought many spots around the ring and offered rebates when a Tecate pack of beer is purchased.

The partnership between Tecate and Alvarez is perfect with Tecate being a Mexican beer that has thrived off of boxing content and Canelo Alvarez has been described as the “Mexican James Dean.”

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