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Joe Rogan Says The UFC Should Add 145lb Women’s Division for Cris Cyborg


Cristiane “Cyborg” Justino easily beat Lina Lansberg at UFC Fight Night 95.  In response, Joe Rogan says the UFC should add 145lb women’s division for Cris Cyborg.  Cyborg normally fights at the 145-pound limit, but due to the UFC not having a women’s featherweight division she has been fighting bantamweights at the catch-weight of 140-pounds.

Joe Rogan cites that Cyborg has to undergo dangerous weight cuts that most likely will be detrimental to her long-term health, video of which can be found on a documentary on her (And it can be brutal to watch).  Reports came out early this week that Cyborg was in the neighborhood of twenty pounds above the catch-weight limit of 140 before weighing in at 141, which was permitted under her contract.

Cris Cyborg has said that there is no way she will make the bantamweight limit of 135 so the bantamweight fighters would have to move up in weight to fight her.  Without a title belt on the line mixed with Cris Cyborg being possibly the best women’s MMA fighter in the world there is very little incentive for a prominent fighter to make the jump.

Rogan has been outspoken about changes to improve the UFC in the past and this series of tweets only adds to it.

Ringside Analysis:

The question of what to do with Cris Cyborg has been one of the most difficult to answer.  Dana White says that the talent disparity originally in women’s MMA is what held the UFC back from adding the women’s bantamweight division.

Rogan has a good point that the talent rises to the level of the champion.  For years Ronda Rousey was the dominant force in the sport but over time she was pushed harder before being upset by Holly Holm.  Holly Holm then lost to Miesha Tate who then lost at UFC 200, showing that the women’s bantamweight might have a reached a point where many of the top fighters are all on the same talent level.  It only took a few years for the tidal wave of change.

There is a lot of value to Cris Cyborg.  She might not have the personality made for the mainstream the way that Ronda Rousey does but the market has shown that there is a desire to watch the best in the sport dominate lesser competition.  I don’t see a scenario where the UFC will look worse by adding the featherweight division.  They can build up the other fighters in the division.  Women’s MMA has also been the perfect trojan horse to get MMA into the mainstream.  Cris Cyborg could be the crack in the pavement for the women’s MMA featherweight division.

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