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Valeire “Trouble” Letourneau Takes Commentators’ Criticism Over Chest Kicks Personally

Letourneau fought Joanne Calderwood and came away with a loss.  The real story for Letourneau is the criticisms from commenters that she struggled with getting kicks to her chest.  During the fight Letourneau would cover her chest after a kick and look to the ref to call a break.  According to her, the issues was with Reebok clothing.

From her instagram post:

I want to clarify something, my daughter told me what the commentators were saying during the fight, and I felt insulted. I have been practicing martial arts for 17 years, so I have no problem taking hits to the chest. It is the rule, and it isn’t worse than a low kick! My only problem during the fight is that my bra litterally slipped under my breasts. This is why I stared, embarrassed, at the referee, and I have no idea what Jojo told me, but I had to keep fighting. It seems that I was being mocked because I seemed to be complaining of blows to the breast. I think that I have nothing to prove regarding the numbers of hits I can take without complaining. Guys, would you be able to keep fighting without being distracted if one of your nuts was slipping out of your shorts? Anyway, it does not excuse my defeat, but I wanted to clarify this part of the fight!

Ringside Analysis:

Reebok has seemed to struggle upholding their end of the partnership with the UFC.  They have struggled with creating accurate shirts, using clip art for shirts, and this is just the most recent example of fighters complaining about the fit and quality of the fight apparel.

The starting point for Reebok to become more successful is to better its quality.  For example, when Nike is selling its products the company customizes each product for one of their top athletes and can meet the specific need of an athlete.  Imagine if Tom Brady starts complaining about Under Armour shoes or Derrick Rose says his shoes hurt during games.  From a PR standpoint critiques by athletes is the first thing that needs to change.

I also think that the shirts should probably look more like sleeveless surfing rash guards.  I don’t believe that these changes are that difficult to make and could go a long way.

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